The world fastest single-engined aircraft

The conventional one is not your style ? Constraints aren't done for you ? You like to have the control ? Welcome in the future ! Welcome in your future … The new Corvalis TTx is already there ! The world is growing faster and faster, you have to keep the control. You are ready to try out the high level. 235 kts and every single innovation needed for the result of the most incredible single-engined aircraft in the world…

Take the control on your world !

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So fast. And now so far.

When you fly the Corvalis TTx, you are going not only to the highest speed of the singled engined planes with fixed landing gear, but you are also going much further. Fly over 1.250 nm (2.315 km).

And thanks to the Bio2 ™ system with four seats, this technology offers you as well as your passengers the comfort and security to fully enjoy of the best office in the world.

Welcome in a world of control.

The side stick at point of single pivot, The Cockpit Intrinzic Garmin G2000 (first cockpit in general aviation conceived around human bases) as well as the completely tactile interface through the GTC570 offers finally a perfect perception of the situation with a direct and perfect control on your plane. Security is not an option for us.

Difficult flights, solid plane !

When we talk about fuselage and cabin, you cannot find a better example. Each best composite material are used. Besides offering an unequalled resistance, they guarantee a design without concession to constraints. A result in the form without turnings of engineering.


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