The world fastest single-engined aircraft

Behind the complexity of the all composite conception of the Corvalis TTx is the advantage of an incredibly resistant cabin, with a unique stability and durability. During 6 months on our test platform we experimented over 171 000 cycle of resistance on one cabin which corresponds at a 120 years life. No deterioration were undergone on the cabin and nothing let appear any trace of this torture. It is even ready to fly again for the next days.

This beauty is deeper than an appearance

Speed without difficulties.

This unique shape of the structure and the controls offers a surprising behavior at low speed. Even at stalling you keep a good aileron efficiency. It's unique wing load in this category offers a flight in a turbulent atmosphere particularly pleasant

Make the others top model jealous.

Like every other top model in the hight quality aircraft of history, the TTx has this little something that makes him so special. Maybe it is the mix between vintage style and these so flexible and aerodynamic lines ? Or maybe the paint so modern and delicate. ? Or it could be the inside refined ? However your preferences … in fact this model has style !

Play in security !

The whole surfaces of the plane are covered by wicks lightning protector which allow the impact to circulate around the structure. Static dischargers at the end of wings and at the rudder allow the dissolution of static electricity without affecting the electric avionics and the systems.


Chose today your dream color !

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