Do not hesitate to consult us for your installations or renewals of avionics. GPS, radios, navigation, HSI, flux valve, transponders … Every brand every models !

The dozen of planes equipped with Glass Cockpit, EFIS, EADI, EHSI … that we are following are giving us a bigger experiment in modern avionics and in refitting of instrument panel. We are studying and realizing for you any type of STC

Our knowledge

Come here to discover the best innovations …

The brand new avionics page allow you to navigate between our knowledge and the very last technologies. Discover also a large selection of second-hands parts too. You could be looking to renew all your avionic on board or simply looking to renew all your avionic on board or simply looking for solutions for difference problems, we will provide you in the pages G1000, Garmin ect. all the documentation you need and our tricks for a safer and more comfortable aviation !

«For all your requirements in avionics the answer is at Aeromecanic»

Maintenance any avionic

Installation GNS 430 / 530

Transponder Mode S

Maintenance G1000

Radio Workshop

STC G500/600

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