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"For over 70 years we set the rules for general aviation.

Look at why so many pilots choose to fly in a Cessna "

From training to business flight, your dreamed Cessna is here ...

Cessna since 2001, We are ambassadors of these aircrafts and in this aviation we believe more than anything.

Aeromecanic is proud to receive Cessna CSTAR Award as the biggest seller in the world.

«Come, we are here to make you love these planes we love »

Our deliveries ...Livraisons_EN.html
Our deliveries ...Livraisons_EN.html

Take Control Of Your World

The sport-utility Stationair

The spirited Skyhawk

The exhilarating Skylane

Affordable business aircraft- by Cessna


Thank you for your trust !
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Your operations, Our priority ...
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