Aeromecanic created in 2005 the Industrial Innovation section which gather engineers and technicians advanced in automatic and industrial robotics.

Being the subject of an approval of the Ministry for Higher education and Search (dated May 26th, 2009), allowing our customers to charge the contracts with innovating character, signed to Aeromecanic, to their credit tax.

The mission has two objectives :

  1. 1.Prepare a "Clean Products" offer in a first time, for Aeromecanic, allowing to generate a turnover complementary of about 30%.

  1. -Detection robot of foreign object on runways (project DROP labeled by Pégase and Opitec, both competitiveness poles)

  1. -Automatic device of assistance to the adjustment in flight of the stoechiometric index of the fuel mixture (General Aviation)

  1. -Silencer for piston engine aircraft (General Aviation)

  1. 2.To propose services of conception and realization of automatic system and innovating robotic in the industry.

  1. -Nuclear industry thank to robots dedicated to control the rate of radiation in order to enlarge security in nuclear factories, and automatic system of air inspection above nuclear site.

  1. -Manipulation robots for homogeneous objects in big quantity (electronic chips, smart cards, mobile phones, …)

  1. -Ground mobiles robots allowing to inspect and clear of buried weapons like mines.

  1. -An electric 4x4 for handicapped people.

  1. -The automation of the handling for the marine diesel engines in the course of assembly, as well as the assistance with the control of work for the design and the realization of the diesel engine testing grounds.

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