Your helicopter maintenance by Aeromecanic

Aircraft & Helicopter Maintenance

25 qualified mechanics are at your disposal to meet your requirements in the field of aircraft maintenance, piston engines, turbine, accessories: we are able to take in charge the whole maintenance of your aircraft.

Part 145

General Aviation

Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Robin, Socata ...

Beechcraft King Air

King Air 90, 100, 200, et 1900

Engine workshop (Piston - Turbine)

Settings - Exchanges and passage to the bank of carburetor and systems of injection - Breakdown service - Hot part visit - General revision CND under cosac approval

Workshop Boiler making

Various repairs - splits stop - repairs of parts and structural - welding approved on steel, stainless, titanium, aluminum…

Fairchild Metroliner

SA 227 et SA 226 series

BAE Jetstream

J31 et J32

Electric workshop

Wiring remake - Breakdown services - General revision starter

Revisions Alternator, Starter,…

Brake - Wheels workshop

Tire exchange - Revision of block brake - Reconditioning

Paint workshop

Interior remake



AS350/AS355/EC130 SA341/SA342

Aeromecanic has helicopter's experience of maintenance and the restoration of Eurocopter's aircrafts (Aérospatial in the past)

Thanks to a team you know the machines very well, Aeromecanic can meet all your needs :

-Study of documentation

-Maintenance: Visits T1, T2, VS, Major inspection…

-Rebuilding : starting from a base (most of the time from a military aircraft) we can rebuild or civilized your helicopter.

-Part supply : all parts with compliance certificate JAA FORM 1, calendar visits,… With possibility of  AOG service

Aeromecanic experience a few dozen of Alouette III and Alouette II, rebuilt and in service in every continent.

As our experience was confirm in the time we now have capability to make any interventions on the following helicopters : SA341 SA 342 AS350 AS355 EC130 and EC120.

Our proximity with Eurocopter is an important asset because we have access to parts and technical support in a privileged way.

Aeromecanic has a team dedicated to the helicopter activity.

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Part MG
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