How your engine is revised at Aeromecanic?

During general repair in ours workshops, every part of your future engine were carefully inspected.

Any part that does not succeed our quality control (dimensional control or not destructive for example) is immediately replaced.

The "standard replace Aeromecanic" engines are systematically reassembled with new kits cylinders, starter, magnetos, camshaft and hydraulic push rods.

All the parts listed in the SB240 are, of course, systematically replaced.

It is important to notice that the price we propose is a fixed price, and you will pay this price at only one condition, the casing and the crankshaft are reusable.

Your engine will be delivered to you with a EASA FORM 1 established by our approval workshop PART 145 FR 432.

It will be updated of every AD into force as well as every SB dictated by the manufacturer. The engine will be delivered with the same accessories as in the beginning, do not hesitate to contact us to know the details of the settings. Your engine will be set out again for a new cycle following the TBO (Time Between Overhaul) into force with a one year guaranty including part and labour (without time limit) ensured on France in ours workshops.

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