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(Prices excl. VAT valid to 31st of december 2017)

Minimum per month : applicable for long term least based outside of home base (Marignane, France)

Dry Lease : Aircraft + Maintenance in Marignane + Insurance

Wet Lease : Aircraft + Maintenance in Marignane + Insurance + Fuel + Eurocontrol

[For maintenance on customer site, all costs involved will be charged to the lessee]

Lease condition :

Pilots needs to have valid licence and qualification for the leased aircraft

Pilots needs to be approved by the insurance of the leased aircraft regarding experience

All operational costs (fees, handling, catering, …) are to be paid by lessee

Insurance deductible to be paid by lessee

Payment terms :

Short term rental : post flight payment rounded to next decimal hour + airport charges

Long term rental : ferry in and out + 1 month of operation to be paid as downpayment

Book your aircraft today by email or phone

email :

phone. : +33 4 42 77 05 05

[Rates are valid for 3 months unless there is a significative changes in the fuel price]