Creation date : October 1998

Managers :


Charles PALUMBO - Managing Director

Manpower : 30

Localisation : Marseille-Provence Airport

Turnover : 9 M €

Workshop PART 145  / FAR 145 including :

- Repair/maintenance of planes ≥ 5700 kg

- Repair/maintenance of helicopters

- Electric workshop

Workshop General aviation EASA FR.MF.156 including :

- Repair/maintenance of lights aircrafts

- Engine workshop

- Paint workshop

Spare parts shop

AEROMECANIC, is first and foremost

An approved workshop, specializing in the repair and maintenance of public and private transport aircraft, at your disposal are qualified technicians, with manufacturer equipment (RVSM Pitot static check, vibration analyzer, …) and a significant spare parts stock: all parts are provided with a EASA Form One or equivalent for foreigners) and the possibility to benefit from an AOG service which ensures quick repairs, either in France or abroad


CESSNA aircraft and parts dealer and DAVID CLARK, SIGTRONICS and GARMIN spare parts dealer.

A supplier of FAIRCHILD, PIPER, BEECHCRAFT spare parts for aircraft and helicopters


A supplier of civilized helicopters, mainly issued from military operators (Alouette II/III) but also Astar AS350/AS355 Gazelle (SA342/SA341)...


In this field a reliable and accurate maintenance is very important : AEROMECANIC is here to provide you with what you require. At present we have most of Fairchild Metro/Merlin operator in Europe working with us.

Our team of experts and our large inventory (thousands of euros) will help to reduce the downtime of your aircraft.

AEROMECANIC has the experience of maintenance and rebuilding of the whole Eruocopter line.

Its technicians know those machines perfectly well and are able to meet your needs: study of documentation, maintenance (T1, T2, VS inspections…), calendars, rebuilding (for instance: out of a military basis, we are able to entirely rebuild or civilize your helicopter).

Our capability list now includes the following helicopters : SA316/SA318/SE313 - SA341/SA342 - AS350/AS355 - EC130 & EC 120

Our electric workshop is able to repair Cables and does the overhaul of Generators

Our avionic shop will provide all support in all your avionic needs : GPS / COM / NAV / Mode S XPDR / TCAS / TAWS...

The painting workshop can do whatever you want : Entire painting with sandblasting, rustproofing and touching up. We are able to reproduce the color of your aircraft or the color of the model you will show us : matt emulsion, gloss paint, metallic paint, polished paint… Please feel free to contact us for an estimate or to bring us your photos of what you want and we will make sure to realize it.

Our approved heated and cleaned Painting area is a guarantee for you of quality and result.


This firm is now located in the same hangar.

The team operating in the “cell” department benefits from a large experience in the field of helicopters and more precisely on some type of helicopters such as BELL 47, BELL 206, HUGHES 300.

Another department “Engine” is also very competitive among all European big workshops.

The workshop itself, well known for its know-how, is able to take in charge your engine (LYCOMING, TCM, FRANKLIN…) for operations of checking after propeller ground strike, extended immobilization or anything else, for overhaul or exchange (manufacturer of AEROMECANIC).

AEROMECANIC can also take in charge engine accessories such as magneto, alternator, generator, starter, …

AEROMECANIC can operate on your aircraft directly to remove, fix and do the tests of good functioning. This way you benefit from a guarantee on the global work. Otherwise you may also send your engine which is delivered to you after repair. Our shuttle will pick up your engine at your premises (anywhere in France) and take it to our workshop.

By contracting us your engine and your airframe you'll have reduced downtime & best quality for the same cost.

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